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Case Study: ROV Spudcan Survey, Qatar

Rovotics’ inspection class system, the Shark G2, supported Horizon Geosciences with ROV services on a project offshore Qatar in April 2015. Rapid mobilisation was critical due to the ROVs role in assisting the stoppage of an underwater gas leak. Due to the clear video streaming from the Shark G2’s high spec cameras, the ROV teams were able to closely monitor the leak and provide precise co-ordinates and real time intel to the engineers cementing the leaking pipe.

A spud survey was also required to accurately measure distances and depths for spud can settlements and nearby infrastructure on the seabed.

Operating at maximum water depth of 131ft in harsh environments, the Shark G2 worked successfully on all aspects of this project for 200 days with 0 hours downtime and the client was extremely satisfied with the Shark G2’s performance.

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