Interest in Rovotics G2R ROV peaks at ADIPEC

Four years on, Rovotics are launching the G2R; a formidable, flexible and highly efficient Inspection Class ROV. With more than 80KG of bollard force and 35KG payload, the G2R’s simple and intelligent electronics were made possible due to the system being designed and manufactured with the latest technology and software. With readily available spare parts, compact footprint and rapid mobilisation combined with minimal recorded downtime, the G2R is garnering a lot of interest in the Middle East and beyond.

CTO, Tamer Essawy said;

“We are proud to be the first manufacturer of ROVs in the Middle East and ADIPEC was an excellent platform for Rovotics this year. The excitement and interest surrounding the G2R exceeded our expectations.

Clients appreciated that the G2R is an improved version of our G2 system which has a long proven operational track record so there was considerable interest in the G2R. We know that reliability and minimal downtime are crucial to clients, so we are pleased to offer free Rovotics spare parts for the first year”

As well as designing and manufacturing ROVs, Rovotics produce components including Junction Boxes, Subsea Housing, Lights, Cameras and CP Equipment and offer a range of services including Mechanical and Electronic Engineering as well as Electronic Design.

For more information email enquiries@rovotics.ae

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